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AGA Marvel | Luxury Appliances | Refrigeration

The World’s Best Cooking Experience! Marvel premium refrigeration and AGA Marvel luxury appliances are the leaders when it comes to the appliance industry. Choosing American-made products will give you a satisfaction every time you use your kitchen. When you choose Marvel premium refrigeration, you are choosing the best under counter refrigeration technology available on the market. When you choose AGA Marvel luxury appliances you are choosing to cook with what the professionals use!

Marvel and AGA Marvel have shaped the industry into what it is today by creating innovative products and luxury appliances for their customers. Browse through the Marvel and AGA Marvel websites and contact JC Huffman when you’re ready to place your order!

Marvel Luxury Refrigeration | Undercounter Refrigerator


Refrigerator Drawers

Marvel refrigerator drawers offer maximum storage capacity within easy reach and include a convenient quick-grip divider to organize contents.

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Outdoor Refrigerators

Marvel outdoor refrigerators are the perfect match for your professional-style outdoor kitchen. Our beer dispensers, refrigerators and ice machines are built with commercial grade stainless. The full-length handles and pro-style toe kicks add an elegant yet rugged distinction perfect for outdoor living.

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AGA Marvel Luxury Appliances | Professional Ranges | Ventilation | Cookware

AGA Marvel is the most recommended brand for kitchen appliances and essentials. From ranges to ventilation and cookware, AGA Marvel has the product to complete your kitchen!

Cast Iron Ranges

AGA cast iron ranges can truly become the heart of the home. Combining the timeless feel of cast iron with a modern kitchen gives your kitchen a unique look. Your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off your cast iron range!

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Dual Fuel Range

Dual fuel ranges offer the responsiveness of a gas cooktop with the even heat distribution of an electric oven. The difference is; AGA dual fuel ranges go beyond the standard with their RapidBake Convection™ ovens, Easy Clean™ interiors, and Cool Flow™ Range Tops.

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