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Thor Kitchen

Thor Kitchen Appliances

Thor Kitchen Appliances give every homeowner the chance to cook like a professional in their own kitchen.  Their stainless-steel ranges are the epitome of luxury to promote full customer satisfaction.  Each appliance is carefully crafted with high powered BTU burners, giving you the value of a professional range. Thor Kitchen brings back the fun in cooking and the transformation that you and your kitchen need.


Check out the Thor Kitchen website and contact JC Huffman when you are ready to bring luxury and innovation to your home.

Gas Ranges | Range Hoods | Range Tops

A complete line of range products that vary from gas and electricity. Be in control of your own cooking and customize the appliance to your own preferences. Functional and attractive ranges by Thor Kitchen will step up your cooking game to the next professional level.



Professional Style Cold Storage| Wine Coolers | Refrigerators

Why stop at just a professional range when you can upgrade with a stainless-steel wine cooler and refrigerator. Whether freestanding or built in, keep your favorite wines and food items cool in style with Thor Kitchen appliances.

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Energy Efficient Thor Kitchen Appliances | Dishwashers

Leave your dishes spotless with a Thor Kitchen dishwasher complete with a smart wash system. Effective, yet quiet, your dishes will be clean in no time. Thor Kitchen brings you a faster and smarter way to do the dishes.