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No matter what area of your home has storage needs, ClosetMaid ® has the products and services to help get you organized. Whether you would like to increase storage in a closet, or better organize a kitchen and pantry - they can help. From wire shelving to wood laminate closet systems, ClosetMaid® offers a solution that is just right for you.  JC Huffman can design your closet space or you can order the components using your design and install it yourself!

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Kitchen Pantry Storage Cabinets

Custom kitchen pantry shelving becomes very handy – especially for a big family. Put kid-friendly items on the bottom shelves and dangerous products towards the top. This method keeps families safe and organized and helps them access everyday items they need very quickly. With ClosetMaid® professional design services, you can also create a custom nook in your kitchen.



Garage Wall Shelving

Garage wall shelving allows families to stay organized and efficient. No more running over a new tennis ball while backing out of the garage. Every item will have a special spot for storing with ClosetMaid® home organizers. Garage shelving allows children to keep their designated area organized and access what they need without making a mess.


The ClosetMaid® ProGarage® System is a durable addition to any garage or storage space. This system offers the ability to create a niche space for the man of the house and can also create a mini “mancave.”


ClosetMaid® Closet Organizers | The Closet of your Dreams

Create the closet of your dreams with ClosetMaid® closet and bedroom organizers. Whether you have a master suite bedroom or a small child’s room, they create custom solutions based on your specifications. Whether you have more shoes than shirts or more fancy ties than jackets, they will create a custom solution to fit your items.




Utility and Laundry Room Design Ideas

Whether you’re planning a new laundry room or updating an existing one, ClosetMaid® will help you create the most efficient design. Incorporating these items into your space can bring a sense of order that you never knew you were missing. Not only does ClosetMaid® offer custom solutions, they also have a variety of colors to choose from.