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Wood Burning Fireplaces | Wood Fireplace Inserts

Nothing heats a room like wood burning fireplaces. Wood, after all, is the real deal when it comes to fireplaces. Although our gas fireplaces are easy to operate, nothing quite matches the crackle and aroma of a genuine wood fireplace. Our wood burning fireplaces and inserts feature huge interior views. A built-in convection system circulates heat efficiently throughout your space, while bypass dampers reduce the opportunity for smoke to escape as you start or stoke the fire.

Our wood burning fireplaces are built from top-quality materials that endure even the toughest heating demands while beautifully accommodating your own custom design. Order and pick up any of the below fireplace options directly from JC Huffman. You can have a professional install your fireplace, or you can do it yourself (DIY).

Fireplace Xtrordinair | Lopi Wood Fireplaces | Avalon Wood Fireplaces

Fireplace Xtrordinair Wood Fireplaces | Wood Inserts

High efficiency wood fireplaces and wood fireplace inserts in a variety of designs can be found at Fireplace Xtrordinair. Order and pick up any of the wood fireplace options below, or on the Xtrordinair website, directly from JC Huffman.



Lopi Wood Fireplace Inserts

Lopi Wood Fireplace inserts are available in a variety of design options. Find the perfect fireplace insert that is right for your space by browsing the Lopi website, and contact JC Huffman to order and pick up directly from us.



Avalon Wood Fireplaces | Wood Inserts

Enjoy higher efficiency and lower heating bills with Avalon Wood Fireplaces. All our wood fireplace inserts provide extraordinary heat. The classic architecture along with the large viewing windows of our inserts are complementary to virtually all styles. Browse the Avalon website to see all fireplace options, and contact JC Huffman to order and pick up directly at our store!