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Tile flooring is a very versatile product that can be used in a variety of environments. Tile has many characteristics that make it suitable for different atmospheres. Whether you want to use tile as a backsplash, or for your flooring there are many options to choose from.


Advantages of Tile Flooring

There are many advantages of tile flooring, one being that it’s naturally water resistant. Most flooring tiles have a protective layer that rests over the material, making it resistant to water and stains. Another advantage of tile is that it comes in so many variations of color, texture and style. You are guaranteed to find a tile that fits your personal taste.

Use the links below to browse through hundreds of tile options, and call JC Huffman when you’re ready to place an order. You can order any of the tile options you see below directly through us, and have a professional install it, or you can do it yourself (DIY)!

Settecento Tile Flooring

American Olean Tile Flooring

Sunderland Brothers Co. Tile Flooring

Daltile Tile Flooring

Interceramics Tile Flooring

Ragno Tile Flooring

Tile Flooring that Looks Like Wood

Tile flooring that looks like wood has become very popular in the flooring industry today. Combining the advancements and advantages of tile with the warmth of wood, this is a flooring you will want to include in your home.

tile_flooring_fairfield_iowa_7.jpg  tile_flooring_fairfield_iowa_6.jpg

Porcelain Tile that Looks Like Natural Stone

Porcelain tile that looks like natural stone offers you all the beauty of the high-end materials you want while keeping the cost and maintenance to a minimum. Porcelain can be more durable than many types of natural stone. Porcelain tile is not nearly as soft or porous as natural stone so you don't have to worry as much about stains or scratching. There are no fancy chemicals needed to keep your tile clean, all you need is a simple mild soap and water solution. You won’t have to insist that everyone take off their shoes or guard your room from the family dog.

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