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Contemporary Wood Fireplace Mantels | Contemporary Series

JC Huffman offers a contemporary series which consists of contemporary wood fireplace mantels. Those parts of a home that make you pause and admire, feel happy, or intrigued - those are all design moments. When it comes to the hearth, there are many opportunities for design moments. Let's face it, we're big fans of sleek and chic modern design. But just because a space is contemporary modern doesn't mean it can't be warm and inviting. Complete the look of your fireplace with a custom mantel design by JC Huffman.

Our Manhattan and Brooklyn contemporary mantels are grounded by a fabulous clean line design while offering the comforting warmth of wood.

Contemporary Wood Fireplace Mantels | Manhattan Mantel

Get the sleek, modern look along with the comfort of wood with the Manhattan mantel. Only like the design? You can customize the size and color of this mantel.


Contemporary Wood Fireplace Mantels | Brooklyn Mantel

The Brooklyn Mantel can bring your home style in an affordable way. This design is simple and can be customized to blend in with the style and color scheme of your home.