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JC Huffman Custom Fireplace Mantles | Exclusive Series

Below you will find a variety of exclusive series mantels – you may customize any of the designs you see below to match your personal taste.All JC Huffman custom fireplace mantels can be designed to fit any fireplace model – even ones that are already installed in your home. We will customize the mantel size to your application, using the wood and stain color you choose.

See your local JC Huffman dealer for details.

Custom Fireplace Mantels | Arlington Mantel

As you can see below, the Arlington Mantel can be customized to be different colors and styles. Even though these mantels are two different colors, they bring a sense of warmth to the room. Design your custom fireplace mantel to create a space that is welcoming and beautiful.

custom_mantel_design_arlington.JPG custom_mantel_design_arlington_2.jpg

Custom Fireplace Mantels | Colonial Mantel                                             

Something about the color white combined with detailed designs. The colonial mantel is charming and timeless, creating an elegant statement piece. This mantel is made of a paint grade wood with a dover white finish surrounded by an absolute black stone. Customize the color and stone of this mantel to compliment your space!


Custom Fireplace Mantels | Lexington Mantel

The Lexington mantel creates symmetry and can balance the look of any room. As you can see below, as the details of this mantel can be customized to your preference. At JC Huffman, the possibilities are endless!

custom_mantel_design_lexington.jpg  custom_mantel_design_lexington2.jpg

Custom Fireplace Mantels | Virginia Mantel

The warm rustic hues of a cherry wood are hard to pass by. The Virginia Mantel in a cherry wood (shown below) is a perfect match in our books! Have another wood species in mind? We can create the Virginia mantel in any wood species and finish you prefer.

custom_fireplace_mantels.jpg  custom_mantel_design_virginia_2.jpg

Custom Fireplace Mantels | Windsor Mantel

The Windsor Mantel brings warmth as well as balance to your space. Create the statement piece your space needs with a JC Huffman custom fireplace mantel.


Custom Fireplace Mantels | St. James Mantel

The St. James Mantel will transform any room to be the room you relax in at the end of a long day. Compliment this mantel piece with a unique stone or a neutral stone. The possibilities are endless at JC Huffman!