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Portrait Style Cabinetry | Portrait Style Fireplace Cabinets

Portrait style cabinetry can become the focal point of your space. By selecting JC Huffman mantels, you can quickly add a fireplace to virtually any room with no remodeling. Our pre-built cabinets come in two pieces with detailed instruction for easy installation.

Our portrait style fireplace cabinets are specially designed for corner, or limited space installations in small intimate settings such as bedrooms, baths, dens and kitchens. Choose the wood species and color that works best with your style and we will create your custom mantel design and have it shipped directly to your door!

Portrait Style Fireplace Cabinets | Classic Corner Cabinet

This classic corner cabinet can be customized to fit perfectly in any corner of your home. Don’t leave your corners empty – make them stand out with a classic furniture piece from JC Huffman. This classic cabinet is made of cherry wood with a cordovan finish.


Portrait Style Fireplace Cabinets | Shae Corner Cabinet

The Shae Corner Cabinet takes portrait style cabinetry to the next level – with a built-in bookshelf. This corner cabinet is a great space saving cabinet that will display your collectables.


Portrait Style Fireplace Cabinets | Executive Corner Cabinet

Every room needs a statement piece, and the executive corner cabinet can be just that. This corner cabinet is made of Oak with a shortline finish. Customize this look to any wood species or finish that compliments your space.


Portrait Style Fireplace Cabinets | Savannah Corner Cabinet

Made of a paint grade wood, this corner cabinet can bring some color to your space. Match the color to other furniture in your home, or make it to be the pop of color your space needs.


Portrait Style Fireplace Cabinets | Mission Wall Cabinet

This Mission Wall Cabinet is made to catch your eye when you walk in a room. This mantel may not fit in the corner of your space; however it is a compact size that can fit in limited space areas. This wall cabinet is made of Quarter Sawn Oak with a russet oak finish with added drawers seen on the bottom.