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Uses of Stone Products | Interior | Exterior

Stone products can be used for a variety of ways, both outside and inside your home. From Cultured stone, natural stone and Dutch quality stone products, JC Huffman has everything you need to create the perfect space. For countless years, natural stone has been the premier building material all over the world. It’s timeless elegance and lasting durability make it ideal for countless applications.


Fashioned from the very best stone textures and colors Mother Nature has to offer, our exceptional products make achieving the highly desirable look of stone simple. Browse through the below links to find stone products for your next project. Call JC Huffman when you are ready to order – you can pick up your products directly at our store and have a professional install it, or do it yourself (DIY)!

Boral America Stone Products

Dutch Quality Stone Products

ErthCoverings Stone Products

Cultured Stone Products

Cultured Stone is concrete poured into a mold then colored to look like real stone. It was introduced decades ago as an alternative to the heavier natural four-inch thick building stone (prior to the introduction of the natural sawn thin stone veneer). Consider the style, size and surroundings of your home. With so many options, there’s sure to be a Cultured Stone® veneer stone texture and color that’s the perfect complement. Cultured Stone veneer is virtually maintenance-free, requiring only an occasional light washing to remove dust and dirt.


Dutch Quality Stone

Dutch Quality Stone exhibits all the unique qualities of natural stone in a variety of options. They offer a wide range of dependable, easy-to-install options for homes and commercial properties. They combine the exacting standards of traditional craftsmen with the modern processes to create versatile products for your home.


ErthCoverings Natural Stone Products

ErthCoverings veneers fuse the most beautiful characteristics of natural stone with modern design thinking. ErthCoverings is always innovating to bring us the best in natural stone flooring and veneers. With an already wide range of products available, they continue to research to broaden the choices available. Browse through the vast collection of beautiful and high quality natural stone products and call JC Huffman when you’re ready to order!


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