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Phenix Marble

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A collection of fine building stone by Phenix Marble creates the unique exterior and interior you want for your home. With over 75 years of experience, Phenix Marble quarries new and unique stone materials to give home designs an edge. From marble to limestone, Phenix Marble products cater to your exact needs. The natural look and quality of the products brings a little bit of nature into your home in a well-rounded and polished look.



Phenix Marble Cut Limestone

 A design fit for rustic decor, Phenix Marble offers a cut limestone product that gives a home exterior a stylish updating. Phenix Marble products complement any existing material for an overall balanced look. Outdoor limestone finishes can even go as far as your pool coping and outdoor kitchen.


Phenix Marble Sealers

Without changing the appearance of your marble or limestone, Phenix Marble uses an impregnating sealer on all of their products. This upholds the quality of the Phenix Marble products for the entire lifetime of the stone.