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St. Croix Corn Stoves | Multi-fuel Stoves

St. Croix corn stoves are a great way to heat your space affordably and comfortably. Corn has become a major alternative fuel source because it is reasonably priced, safe, extremely clean-burning and RENEWABLE! St. Croix corn stoves are "simply the most reliable," and high combustion efficiencies are proof of expertise in combustion engineering and manufacturing.

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St. Croix corn stoves are designed to burn corn from the ground up. They're engineered to burn corn as reliably as traditional fuels burn in traditional appliance. Corn stoves are easy to operate and their ability to burn wheat and rye is an added bonus. You can have a professional install your stove, or you can do it yourself (DIY).

St. Croix Auburn Corn Stove

The Auburn stove is a traditional multi-fuel stove built to burn long and strong. With a larger fuel capacity, you’ll spend less time refueling. Convenience paired with solid construction—that’s the Auburn advantage.


St. Croix Cast Iron Greenfield Stove

The Greenfield is a cast iron multi-fuel stove with a flair for function. The sturdy design of this multi-fuel stove gives off the evoking feeling of a traditional fire.


St. Croix Element Multi-Fuel Stove

The Element-MF is a compact multi-fuel stove with big heating performance. Its compact design is perfect for tight spots, corners or smaller rooms or cabins. You can always rely on this stove to give off big heat when you need it most.