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Designing a Dream:

Isn't being in business "by popular demand" a business owner's dream come true? It happened just that way for entrepreneur Jim Huffman, owner of J.C. Huffman Cabinetry. Eighteen years ago, Jim was employed full-time at a local factory. Just for fun, he set up shop in his one-car garage to do what he loves best: Making cabinets.

For Jim it was only a hobby, until his father-in-laws home was badly damaged in a fire. Huffman helped his father-in-law rebuild by making new custom cabinets for the kitchen. When the insurance adjuster came to inspect the renovations, he was so impressed by Huffman's work, he asked him to make custom cabinets for his own home. After Huffman installed his handiwork in the insurance adjuster's home, one custom order lead to another.

Customizing More than Kitchens & Baths... Mantels, Cabinets, Storage you can be proud of.

J C Huffman has come a long way since that one-car garage shop. His custom cabinetry operation now fills 22,000 square feet at 3100 W. Burlington Ave. in Fairfield, IA where shoppers are welcomed into a grand 6,000 square-foot showroom which showcases various styles of cabinet works, Corian & Granite countertops, fireplaces, wood stoves and accessories. Beyond their showroom is Huffman's manufacturing area, where he and fourteen other craftsmen make the cabinets and mantels. They are able to turn out four custom kitchens per month.

Cabinets without compromise:

J C Huffman can make a custom kitchen or bath providing quality for every budget. Stock cabinets often require homeowners to make too many compromises. Since they are pre-made, they cannot always accommodate what the customer wants or needs with custom cabinetry.

A Personal Touch:

When a homeowner decides to contract with J.C. Huffman for a custom kitchen or bath, Teresa, co-owner of JC Huffman Cabinetry, helps them complete their ideal design and schedules production. It's important for customers to see their cabinets being made. It makes them feel like they are part of the process. We can use any wood a customer wants. Some people want to use the wood from their land. That can add a little to the cost, but it's a feature that stock cabinetry can never offer. It becomes a very personal process for our customer. Anyone can sell you cabinetry, not everyone can build it!

JC Huffman Cabinetry is known for our uncompromising quality