JC Huffman offers a wide variety of exterior products from high quality manufacturers to make your outdoor space an extension of your home. From outdoor kitchens, to firepits and patio furniture, we’ll help you bring home outside.

Exterior Products at JC Huffman in Fairfield, Iowa


Together, we’ll create your very own outdoor kitchen built to order. You create the dream, and we’ll make it a reality. From grills to smokers, fireplaces and cabinets, we’re ready to create a kitchen perfect for entertaining family and friends.


Outdoor fireplaces not only provide style and warmth, but also become the focal point of any outdoor space. Whether its your backyard, patio, pool area, or deck, come together and create memories around an outdoor fireplace with family and friends!


Outdoor furniture sets and individual pieces are available to create a truly unique space.
JC Huffman carries products from high quality manufacturers, including Outdoor GreatRoom Company and Jensen Leisure, so you won’t have to replace your furniture within the next year.


Customize many of our made in USA standard fire pits or create your own one of a kind fire pit table. Materials available include wood, stucco, tile, metal and more. Choose completely finished products or an “unfinished” unit ready to be finished on-site with your own desired materials.


For countless years, natural stone has been the premier building material all over the world. It’s timeless elegance and lasting durability make it ideal for countless applications. HGTV celebrity-rated high-quality stones and panels are available for your homes exterior.

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