JC Huffman is proud to introduce our lineup of kitchen appliances! Come visit our showroom and experience the most powerful gas surface burners in the industry. This also includes custom range hoods and world-class refrigeration. We also want to offer only the best brands to our customers so they can create their dream kitchens. Overall, you should go where the professionals go and experience high-end cooking in your kitchen with these appliances. Below are a few of the brands we carry:

Kitchen Appliances available at JC Huffman Cabinetry
Stainless Steel Appliances at JC Huffman in Fairfield, Iowa
Kitchen Appliances include Refrigerators, Ovens and More at JC Huffman
Kitchen Appliances at JC Huffman include Range Hoods

about the brands we carry

American Range Home Residential Appliances at JC Huffman Cabinetry

American Range

Proudly built in the USA, American Range civilized commercial ranges with their residential professional line of commercial grade lines. For example, gas ranges, French-door wall ovens, and cooktops. Additionally, their residential professional cooking products have the soul and capability of their commercial ranges blended with luxurious style.

AGA Kitchen Ranges and Refrigerators at JC Huffman Cabinetry in Fairfield, Iowa

AGA Marvel Appliances

For almost a century, AGA has been bringing life to the kitchen. AGA Marvel has over 125 years of handcrafted American-made quality and leading innovation. Their product offerings include refrigeration, ranges and more. Their products are also so renowned and were featured on the popular HGTV show, Property Brothers. From first homes to forever homes, commuters to homeworkers, busy families to empty-nesters, there is an AGA for every cook and kitchen.

Fulgor Milano

Fulgor Milano values the quality of their products. A passion for quality, contemporary design, and the Italian way of life inspires them to improve and develop in innovation. Although Fulgor Milano has been manufacturing cooking equipment since the late ’40s, it became their goal to build on that heritage and develop cooking equipment that would exceed all expectations of quality, performance, and styling.

Kitchen Appliances at JC Huffman Cabinetry in Fairfield, Iowa

THOR Kitchen

THOR Kitchen designs and builds some of the hardest-working kitchen mates around. Additionally, THOR appliances bring oohs and ahhs before the first dish even hits the table. And the utterly fantastic news? You don’t have to decide between a new car or a new kitchen suite to step into them.

Vent-a-Hood Range Hoods for Kitchens at JC Huffman Cabinetry in Fairfield, Iowa

Vent-A-Hood Appliances

For over 80 years, Vent-A-Hood is known as the manufacturer of the quietest, most efficient, and easiest to clean range hoods in the world. They also have maintained their specialization in kitchen ventilation. They are achieving the prestige of being known as the definitive home kitchen ventilation brand in the appliance industry.

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