Women know accessories can make or break an outfit, and the same is true for interior design. Kitchen appliances are an integral choice for their style, yes, but also their function.

That’s why I’m sharing some top-of-the-line appliances that will elevate both the design and function of your dream kitchen.

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Marvel Refrigeration

Have you ever thought to fit your fridge under your counters? Most people haven’t, but you will once you see Marvel’s selection of undercounter fridges.

Marvel Under Counter Refrigeration Available at JC Huffman in Fairfield, Iowa

Featuring a sleek stainless steel finish, Marvel fridges are equipped with precise temperature control and fully adjustable shelves so you can customize them to your needs. They also offer undercounter freezers which are perfect if you’re tired of running out to the chest freezer in the garage.

Marvel Under Counter Fridges for Wine and Beverages

And Marvel takes refrigeration past your standard fridge and freezer. They offer everything you need to enjoy a good drink. Wine refrigerators feature temperature control, vibration neutralization, and UV light resistance so you can enjoy a perfectly chilled glass of wine any time. Or, if you prefer liquor, consider getting an ice machine that will deliver a near perfect ice cube that won’t detract from your drink. These little touches will help personalize your dream kitchen.

AGA Cooktops & Stoves

AGA has been hailed as an industry leader for over a century. If your dream kitchen needs appliances from a chef’s dream, then AGA is a must. Their ranges use a unique temperature regulation system that creates radiant heat, which locks in moisture and preserves better flavor when compared to traditional direct heat. They also feature multiple separate ovens to make cooking different dishes simultaneously a breeze.

AGA Conventional Range Cooker Available at JC Huffman in Fairfield, Iowa

Personally, I’d pair the AGA Mercury with Marvel refrigeration appliances, all in a stainless steel finish. But, AGA also offers two other styles–Classic and the French-inspired Elise–so you can find your perfect fit.

AGA Mercury Stainless Steel Stove Available at JC Huffman in Fairfield, Iowa