Bathrooms are one of the biggest selling points of a house for a reason. Everyone wants that luxurious at-home spa experience where they can indulge in a hot bath or shower to help melt the day’s stress away. But, how relaxing and spa-like will your bathroom feel with a cluttered vanity? Let’s discuss how to design an organized bathroom.

How to Design An Organized Bathroom

Many people don’t realize how important easy organization solutions are in a bathroom. And I emphasize easy because, despite our best intentions, things tend to not be put away on busy mornings unless their storage is very easy to access. So, allow me to share with you some design elements that will help keep your bathroom organized and tranquil. Oh, and did I also mention all the features I am about to discuss are available in our Ready to Assemble, affordable cabinet line?

RTA Vanity Cabinets for Bathrooms with Drawer Inserts

Drawer Inserts

A life changing bathroom organization hack is to repurpose a cutlery organizer to store makeup and grooming products. Say goodbye to that cluttered drawer you have to dig through every morning while you’re half asleep and running late. The organizer insert creates individual spots to store all of your items without having them shift around when you open or close the drawer. Easily find the item and then just plop it back into its spot when you’re done.

Door Mounted Rack for an Organized Bathroom

A door-mounted rack is also a great option if you need more medicine cabinet space or want to forego the medicine cabinet for a stylish flat-laying mirror. The rack attaches to the inside of a cabinet door and helps keep all types of bottles neat and at your fingertips.

RTA Vanity Cabinets for Bathrooms with Pullout Drawers and Door Mounted Racks

Vanity Pullout

Ladies, do you like the storage system for hair dryers, straighteners, and curlers at salons? Now you can have one, too. This is an optional feature that can be fitted to a vanity pullout. And, in addition to holding the grooming organizer, the pullout allows easy access to shelves so that you don’t have to bend over and dig through the back of a cabinet.

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