A stone fireplace is magical, and a DIY outdoor stone fireplace might be just the thing your backyard or patio needs to take it to the next level. Imagine all the cooler summer nights where you and your loved ones could warm up by the fire, roast some marshmallows, and crack open a cold one. Imagine you see the stone fireplace and get lost in the fantasy that you’re in a cozy cabin in the woods, or maybe even an ancient castle. While all these images may seem straight out of a Hallmark movie, owning your own stone fireplace is closer to reality than you might think.

Stone Fireplace

You also don’t need real stone to get the look of a stone fireplace. Today’s cast-stone veneer looks remarkably like real stone and, at only about $10 per square foot, the price is much more affordable. To knock off even more of the cost, let’s take a look at what you need to install it yourself.

DIY Outdoor Stone Fireplace Kits at JC Huffman in Fairfield, Iowa

Gas Fireplace

This see-through ready-to-finish gas fireplace is one of my favorite options. The enclosures are Hardiebacker® fiber cement board and G90 marine-grade galvanized steel framing. You can finish on-site to match your landscaping, hardscaping, or exterior design with stone or other non-combustible materials. You can use this fireplace for liquid propane or natural gas installations. I suggest hard-pipe installation. Not to mention – this is made in USA!

DIY Outdoor Stone Arch Gas Fireplace Kit at JC Huffman in Fairfield, Iowa

The Stone Arch Gas Fireplace is more compact but also has all the features of a conventional fireplace. It is built to last for any outdoor space because of the exterior grade stucco and a Marbleized Noche Supercast™ top and arched insert. Add this fireplace to any flat surface such as wood deck, concrete patio, and brick pavers.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Overall, outdoor fireplaces are the focal point of any backyard, patio, pool area, or deck and provide style and warmth. To learn more about our selection, visit our website.

If you’re ready to tackle a DIY outdoor stone fireplace project, JC Huffman has your back. For help selecting the perfect cast-stone veneer, please contact us via email teresa@jchuffman.com or call 800-327-4967. We’d love to help! #JCHuffmanCabinetry