Everyone wants a beautiful showroom kitchen. But, given its very nature as a functional space and its daily use, maintaining its beauty can be a challenge. The solution lies in designing an organized kitchen right from the start. Here are the top tips from JC Huffman’s design experts on how to create an organized kitchen design:

Single-Wall Kitchen Layouts

Traditional Cherry Kitchen with Glaze

Prioritize Clear Countertops

Clear countertops are the number one factor that make a kitchen feel clean. If you have too many items on the countertop—even if they are well organized—it will look cluttered. Only keep one or two essential appliances that are used daily on the counter; everything else should be stored in cabinets or drawers. Keep this in mind while calculating how much storage space you’ll need.

hafele corner solution

Maximize Storage Space

Maximize your kitchen’s storage space by making the most of every square inch. For corner cabinets, install a Lazy Susan or pull-out shelving to transform that hard-to-reach space into usable storage. Also, avoid the unusable gaps often left by stock cabinets by having semi-custom or custom cabinetry built to your kitchen’s exact dimensions.


kitchen with spice and drawer organizers

Fairfield – White Kitchen – Grey Island | Photographed by Brian Hall


Embrace Organizer Solutions

In an organized kitchen, everything should have an easily accessible place (as in, you don’t have to unpack a whole cabinet to put an item away). Organizers help create that place. From utensil holders and spice racks to drawer dividers and tray organizers, there’s an array of organizer products that will help you create a space for every item in your kitchen.

L-Shape Kitchen Layouts

Mount Pleasant, Iowa – Traditional White Kitchen Designed by Teresa Huffman


Organized Kitchen Design with JC Huffman

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