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JC Huffman has many flooring options to choose from; hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, tile flooring and natural stone! With the right flooring, you can complete the look of your space. Most homes have a color scheme and your floor color can play a big role in that color scheme. Whether you want your flooring to be a subtle addition to your space, or if you want it to stand out, we have it all for you. Order directly through JC Huffman and pick up your pieces to have them installed by a professional or you can do it yourself (DIY)! Use the links below to browse hundreds of flooring options, and give us a call when you’re ready to order!

Armstrong Flooring Options                                                     Settecento Flooring Options

American Olean Flooring Options                                             Sunderland Brothers Co. Flooring Options

Mullican Flooring Options                                                        Daltile Flooring Options                                            

Bella Cera Flooring Options                                                     Interceramics Flooring Options

Ragno Flooring Options

Hardwood Flooring

We have many hardwood flooring types available as well as hardwood flooring installation. You can purchase any hardwood floor color from JC Huffman and have a professional install it for you, or do it yourself (DIY)!


Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood floors behave a little differently than solid hardwood floors do. Engineered wood tends to be easier to install and less expensive than solid hardwood. Made of genuine wood, this flooring gives your home an updated look and feel.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl tile is a luxury vinyl product that looks like stone or ceramic tile, complete with natural colors and surface textures that make it feel real. Luxury vinyl flooring looks like wood planks varying in different colors and species.


Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is easy to install as well as maintain. Vinyl tile has become a very popular, stylish choice for homeowners. Browse hundreds of tile options and order directly through JC Huffman!


Natural Stone Flooring

Natural stone refers to products quarried from the earth. These products have been used over many thousands of years as building materials and decorative enhancements. Natural stone products include; granite, marble, limestone, slate, quartzite, etc.



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