If you’re undertaking a kitchen renovation, odds are you don’t want to tackle another one 20 years down the road. But, how does one go about designing a timeless kitchen? Allow me to walk you through some classic design tips for designing a timeless kitchen.

Opt for a Non-Tile Backsplash

Instead of tile, consider using a solid slab of granite or quartz as the backsplash. These materials have been a classic choice for kitchen countertops for decades and, with their natural beauty, it’s not hard to see why. Take the same stone chosen for the countertops and continue it up the wall for a clean, seamless design that’s both elegant and timeless.


Include a Large Island

One thing that will never change is that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Therefore, it’s crucial that there’s enough space for family and friends to gather. Including a large island will ensure that core need is met, no matter how it evolves. Do kids need a space to do homework? Does the family need to gather for a quick meal between extracurricular? Do you need a space to lay out appetizers for a family event? Do dinner guests need a spot to sit and sip wine while you cook? A large kitchen island is always the answer.


Accent with Open Shelving

Replacing all of your upper cabinets with open shelving? Trendy.

Including limited open shelving to display decorative items? Timeless.

Displaying finer dinnerware and wine glasses is a classic design element, and open shelving is a beautifully fresh way to do it. However, just make sure to limit the amount of open shelving to avoid veering into trendy. Open shelving isn’t practical as everyday storage and trying to use it as such will definitely lead to regret.


Consider Permanence

If you want to take a risk, make sure it’s something that’s easy to change. For example, removing wallpaper or painting walls is fairly easy. Changing fixtures like lighting and hardware—while more involved—still isn’t a big headache. Cabinets and countertops, on the other hand, should be permanent staples of the design.

Want More Tips?

If you have questions on what’s timeless versus trendy, please fill out our contact form and one of our design experts will be happy to elaborate!

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