What kind of cabinets do you use for an outdoor kitchen? The obvious answer is “weatherproof,” but a lot of people aren’t sure which building materials actually fit this requirement. Here’s a rundown of the various options for weatherproof outdoor kitchen cabinets and the benefits of each.

Options for Weatherproof Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a popular choice for weatherproof outdoor kitchen cabinets because it often matches the grill and other outdoor appliances. It’s also a practical choice since it stands up well against all forms of weather and is easy to clean. The only drawback to stainless steel is that it can get quite hot if the sun beats down on it, but this problem can easily be solved by incorporating some type of shade covering over your outdoor kitchen.

Marine-Grade Polymer

Marine-grade polymer offers the look of painted wood but without the maintenance and risk of rot. Polymer is a synthetic material that will withstand all forms of weather and is resistant to scratches, heat, and fading caused by UV rays. Cleaning is a breeze too—just hose it down! These properties make it the perfect choice for a low maintenance outdoor kitchen. Plus, marine-grade polymer cabinets come in a variety of colors so your options won’t be limited when creating your outdoor kitchen design.

Marine-Grade Polymer

Teak Wood

For some people, nothing compares to the natural beauty of real wood. If this is you, teak wood is the best choice for your outdoor kitchen cabinets. While not as weatherproof as stainless steel or marine-grade polymer, teak has some natural properties that make it more weather resistant than other types of wood. It will need to be finished annually with a clear sealer, meaning it requires a bit more maintenance than the other options too. Treating it with tung oil every now and then can help preserve its appearance.

Which Is Your Favorite?

As you can see, there are a few different materials that make great weatherproof outdoor kitchen cabinets, each offering its own unique look. We’d love to know which one is your favorite! Contact us today and follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, or like our page on Facebook for more ideas for outdoor kitchens!