What is the advantage of custom cabinets? Custom bathroom cabinets offer the opportunity to add your unique sense of style and storage solutions to your bathroom. Let’s take a deeper look.

Built to Fit Your Exact Space

Custom bathroom cabinetry’s biggest benefit is that it’s built to fit your exact space, no matter how large or small. Custom vanities for large bathrooms will ensure that the space doesn’t feel empty or barren. Additionally, custom vanities for small bathrooms achieve the opposite effect by making sure the space isn’t full or overwhelming. Design is all about proportions and custom cabinetry allows you to create a vanity that fits your bathroom perfectly.

cabinetry’s biggest benefit

Custom vanities for small bathrooms

Personalized Look

Speaking of perfect, another benefit of custom bathroom cabinetry is that you can personalize its style and finish to suit your tastes—no compromising. Styles range from traditional to transitional to contemporary depending on the type and level of decorative detail in the design. Finishes are wide-ranging too with numerous different stains and paint colors available. Check out our Cabinet Door Styles to browse different styles and finishes.

personalized bathroom

Optimized Storage in Bathroom Cabinetry

The fact that custom bathroom cabinetry is built to fit your exact space isn’t just an aesthetic benefit; it’s a functional one too. It means that every possible inch of available space will be for storage. If the vanity doesn’t provide enough, you can add custom built-in cabinets for supplemental space. And, any of these custom bathroom cabinets can be have custom storage solutions like drawer inserts, door-mounted racks, or pull-out drawers.

custom built-in cabinets

Build Your Own Custom Bathroom Cabinets

Do you have your own custom bathroom vanity ideas? We’d love to hear them! Please complete our online contact form and one of our design experts will reach out to explain how we can turn your idea into a reality.

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