Lots of people think that high-end, luxury design comes with a hefty price tag and sure, you can blow big bucks if you want. But, you can also achieve a luxe look on a budget. Today I want to show you how you save on major costs with your kitchen cabinets without sacrificing beauty or quality. The answer lies in Ready to Assemble (RTA) Cabinetry at JC Huffman. They provide the look and feel of luxury kitchen cabinets with all of the most popular, on-trend design features to choose from. And, since they’re made to do-it-yourself, you save on installation costs.

Design Elements

Three styles:

  1. Catalina – a full-overlay, Shaker style door and 5-piece drawer front
  2. Maui – a full-overlay, transitional door and 5-piece drawer front with a twist of character
  3. Hatteras – a partial-overlay, Shaker style door and slab drawer front
Catalina Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinetry Door Style


Maui Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinetry Door Style


Hatteras Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinetry Door Style


Three finishes:

  1. Polar White
  2. Pebble Grey
  3. Espresso
Polar White Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinetry

Polar White

Pebble Grey Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinetry

Pebble Grey

Espresso Black Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinetry


Installation of Ready to Assemble Cabinetry

Now I know some of you are thinking, “Will I really be able to install these myself?” Yes! Our RTA Cabinetry was thoughtfully designed to be super easy to install. All you need is a screw gun (or screwdriver) and a rubber mallet.

High-Quality AND Affordable Ready to Assemble Cabinetry

The fact that our RTA Cabinetry is more affordable than assembled cabinetry does not mean it skimps on quality in any way. They are made of high-end materials and feature fine craftsmanship details, such as dovetail drawer joints. The price difference comes from the fact that assembled cabinets require more labor and time at the factory, whereas with RTA cabinets, you eliminate those costs by assembling them yourself.

Environmentally Friendly

A 100% water-based cabinet finish minimizes harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that oil-based paints and stains contain. Also, our cabinets are constructed of wood products that are Carb2 and Title VI compliant.


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