Designing an Organized Kitchen

When people tell me they’re interested in replacing their kitchen cabinets, the two biggest reasons why are that they want to upgrade the cabinets’ look and functionality. Looks are easy, but what does creating more functional cabinets really mean? Some might answer added storage space, but that extra space can easily turn into a mess if you’re not careful. That’s why I’d suggest that when people talk about functionality, they’re really talking about organization. For me, an organized kitchen really makes the home.

Nowadays, there’s so many custom options designed to help keep your kitchen organized. For simplicity’s sake, let’s break them down into two categories: pullouts and inserts.


Pullouts are cabinet space that extend from the cabinet base much in the same way that drawers do so that all of your items are visible and easily accessible. There are different types of pullouts, each designed with a specific organizational need in mind. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Wood Pantry Pullout
  • Utensil Pullout
  • Knife Pullout
  • Tray Divider Pullout
  • Pot & Lid Organizer Pullout

Pullouts for Organizing Kitchen Cabinets


Admit it – every family has a junk drawer. You know, that drawer that houses a pizza cutter, birthday candles, grill tongs, and whatever other random items that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else in the kitchen. While having one junk drawer is fine, you don’t want every drawer to devolve into that kind of chaos. Inserts help you avoid that by creating specific spaces for everything.

Drawer Inserts for Organizing Kitchen Cabinets Drawer Inserts with Peg Boards for Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

You can get drop-in inserts to help you organize everything from cutlery to cookware. But, if you need something a little more custom, you might want to consider peg board inserts. Peg board inserts help you section off deep drawers so that whatever you stack stays in place. They’re a great way to safely stack plates or finally tame the beast of plastic containers and their lids.

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