The kitchen is the heartbeat of your home. At JC Huffman, we take pride in designing a space that is catered to supporting a healthy standard of living that is undeniably a reflection of your personal style.  

Open Floor Plan

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First, when designing your space, consider modifying your layout to create an open floor planOpening up this space allows for freedom of movement while also providing ample space for all your tools and gadgets. Being creative with the design can turn a cramped kitchen into a spacious gathering spot with room to spare. Additionally, adding a beautiful island with functional seating will create the perfect spot for your family to gather. Being together in the kitchen with your loved ones to share a meal is good for the belly, heart, and soul!  

Storage and Food Prep

Next, having ample storage is a key component and truly the “backbone” of a health-conscious and efficient space.  A healthy kitchen is first an organized kitchen, so having a thoughtful design will help deter clutter from collecting on your countertops. It also helps keep you organized “behind the scenes”.

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Keep a variety of healthy snacks close and easy to access, even for the littlest hands. The organization looks like healthy, grab-and-go snacks tucked in an organized pantry. Or, you can have a variety of colorful fruit displayed on your beautiful countertop. Another fun addition to your kitchen is an herb garden on your windowsill or countertop. This not only allows for quick and easy access to the freshest herbs to add right to your favorite dish, but it also serves as a natural air filter!


Additionally, up your culinary skills by selecting one of our superior appliances that would make the most seasoned chef jealous. Working with the highest quality kitchen appliances makes healthy food prep a breeze. This allows more time to spend doing the things you love with those you love. Take it up a notch and involve your family in the planning and preparation of a meal. Doing so involves everyone benefiting from a healthy lifestyle and they can enjoy the fruits of their labor! 

Overall, designing the kitchen of your dreams starts with simply thinking about your own style and goals. Then you put it to paper, and begin working closely with our team. We are here and happy to help facilitate this process to make your vision a reality! Contact JC Huffman today!

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