Fall in love with your bathroom and create the perfect spa-like sanctuary with these bathroom renovation tips! 

Style and Function

Finding your style and transforming your bathroom into your personal sanctuary is an investment in your wellbeing. Whether you have an affinity for more traditional, contemporary, or modern farmhouse, we can help you design a space that you look forward to retreating to, far away from the chaos of daily life.  We offer creative and beautiful pieces that keep your necessities tidy and organized, as well as a wide selection of lavish tubs, showers, and vanities to perfectly appoint your space.  Click here for bathroom cabinetry inspiration! 

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Soothing Color Palette

Most spas opt for a soothing color palette, incorporating pale blues, taupes, and earthy greens. If you choose to keep a shade of white as your base color, consider adding your pops of color using subtle, earthy tones. Doing so evokes a calming effect while keeping your space neutral and ready for your accessories to enhance your space.  We carry only premium paints and trust Benjamin Moore to deliver quality color that last.  Click here to learn more about our paint selection! 

Bring Nature Into Your Bathroom Renovation

Consider adding some greenery to your space and bring the outdoors in. Nature is grounding and incorporating plants is a perfect way to add some zen to your relaxing vibe. Even if you weren’t born with a green thumb, you’re in luck because there are plenty of plants that thrive indoors with minimal upkeep. Spider plants, snake plants, golden pothos, and bromeliads are all excellent choices for greens that require minimal upkeep and thrive with higher humidity. You can also add a little pop of color while maintaining a spa-like atmosphere by incorporating a beautiful orchid or bamboo, both of which also flourish in environments with plenty of moisture in the air.  

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Focus on the Details

Add details to make your haven personal and comforting.  

Simple touches like including a gorgeous chandelier and having a dimmed light feature add elegance and comfort to your space. Splurging on luxurious towels and robes seal the deal and make your bathroom much more than a place to wash off the day – but a place to rejuvenate and leave refreshed.  

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