Figuring out how to store your mixer in a traditional cabinet is a pain. They’re so heavy–especially if you have a high-quality one like KitchenAid–and tough to move around. The problem is a lot of people just don’t know any alternatives. That’s why today I’m going to walk you through some different mixer storage solutions.  

Display It 

The simplest option is to make your mixer a permanent feature on your countertop, much like a coffee pot or toaster. And, if you happen to have a KitchenAid mixer, it’s not just going to be another appliance to look at. The big draw of KitchenAid mixers are their quality, yes, but also their beauty. This solution truly would display your mixer, making it an accent piece of your kitchen. 

Appliance Garage 

But, maybe you view your mixer just as a functional piece and don’t want to look at it all day. In that case, an appliance garage might be the way to go. An appliance garage is a cabinet that sits on top of your countertops and usually connects with your upper cabinets. With this mixer storage solution, simply open the cabinet door to retrieve your mixer. Make it even easier by including a slide-out shelf so you don’t have to lift it. 

There is a big drawback to both of these options – the loss of counter space. If this is a dealbreaker for you, then let’s take a look at my personal favorite KitchenAid mixer storage solution that won’t eat into your counter space. 

Mixer Lift 

My personal preference (and what I always recommend to clients) is to install a KitchenAid mixer lift. A mixer lift is a sturdy shelf that lives in one of your bottom cabinets that can be pulled up and out to counter level when you need your mixer. You can do all of your mixing on the lift, meaning you never have to move it. Then when you’re done, simply slide the lift back into the cabinet. The mixer lift is my favorite solution because it’s super easy and requires almost no physical effort.

A mixer lift lives under your bottom cabinet and pulled up and out when in use

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