Neolith Sustainable Kitchen Countertops

Neolith Himalaya Crystal Kitchen

In a world that’s increasingly focused on green living, the demand for sustainable kitchen countertops has reached unprecedented levels. Homeowners and designers alike are seeking eco-friendly options that not only make a positive environmental impact, but also deliver on that “Wow!” design factor. Enter Neolith sustainable kitchen countertops—a remarkable sintered stone material that seamlessly blends sustainability with captivating beauty.

Neolith Estatuario

Neolith Estatuario Slab


Sintered Stone Defined

Neolith produces sintered stone, a surface created by placing 100% natural raw materials under extreme heat and pressure. The resulting product is durable, heat-resistant, and almost completely non-porous. This final characteristic ensures the surface is hygienic (no trapped bacteria!) and easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for sustainable kitchen countertops.


Sustainable Material Recycle

Sustainable Material

Up to 98% of the all-natural raw materials used in Neolith’s surfaces are recycled. And, because of its all-natural composition, the sintered stone created with those raw materials is recyclable as well. The opportunity to give these materials a new life through the recycling process reduces waste and extends its useful life cycle, making it a truly eco-friendly product.

Neolith Mont Blanc Kitchen

Neolith Mont Blanc Kitchen


Sustainable Manufacturing Process

Neolith’s commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of their manufacturing process. Up to 100% of the water used during production is recycled and 100% of the electric energy used is from renewable sources. The use of all-natural materials ensures that no toxic gasses are released into the air. Finally, Neolith’s innovative thinner design reduces material consumption during production and fuel consumption during transportation, reducing their carbon footprint.

Abu Dhabi Neolith kitchen

Neolith Abu Dhabi White Kitchen


Exquisite Beauty

Neolith’s eco-friendly surfaces are a testament to the possibilities of sustainable design. Their products mimic the look of natural stone perfectly. No matter your design aesthetic, their wide selection of colors virtually guarantees that you’ll find your kitchen’s perfect match!


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Sustainable Kitchen Countertops at JC Huffman

JC Huffman embraces our commitment to protect the environment. We are proud to offer Neolith surfaces for sustainable kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and more. Please contact one of our design experts today to learn more about how we can create a beautiful and sustainable design tailored to you!


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