If I mention cabinets, I bet your mind jumps right to the kitchen. And yes, kitchen cabinets are arguably the most important ones in your house.

But it’s time to step out of the box and realize the full potential cabinets have to transform the look and functionality of your entire home.

Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most important and impactful design elements in a kitchen. As a prominent feature, they often set the tone for the rest of the design. Do you prefer the traditional dark stain, shaker style cabinets that evoke the warmth and coziness of home? Or would you rather the clean elegance of these more modern white cabinets?

Rethinking Cabinetry for the Kitchen

Bathroom Cabinets

Dark Masculine Cabinets for Bathrooms

Although less prominent than in the kitchen, the cabinets you choose for your bathroom still play a key role in creating the perfect vibe. These dark cabinets evoke a sense of masculinity that’s elevated by the moody teal walls and simple fixtures.

Modern Farmhouse Wood Cabinets for Bathrooms

In contrast, these warm farmhouse cabinets (with a little help from the light fixtures) transform an otherwise minimalistic design into one filled with personality.

Home Office Cabinets

Dark Home Office Cabinets Design

The most important thing about office cabinets is their functionality, but that doesn’t mean you have to resort to ugly filing cabinets. These sleek black cabinets make the most of the space by providing overhead storage in addition to all of the desk drawers.

Small Home Office Cabinetry Design

Or, if you don’t need that much storage, consider something like this beautiful built-in that offers half storage and half display.

Mud Room Cabinets

Open Cabinetry and Coat Hooks for a Mudroom Design

As with home office cabinets, the most important consideration is function which is dictated by your unique needs. Do you need a lot of nooks and crannies for easy-access storage like these clean white cabinets offer?

Dark Mudroom Cabinetry Design

Or maybe for your family, the term “mud room” is literal and you’d prefer these darker cabinets.

Have a Project in Mind?

No matter the room, no matter the style, no matter the need — we can work with you to find the right cabinets to transform your space. Contact JC Huffman to get started today.

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