Springtime is the perfect time to tackle small projects around your house. Warmer temperatures and longer days filled with sunshine not only signify a change in weathebut somehow seems to awaken the creative home renovation bug in all of us! In just one weekend you can dramatically change the look of a space by paying attention to three key areas in your home. These small projects reap big rewards!  

Play with Color

Let’s start with a simple upgrade – swapping out paint colors. Turn a dark, tired room into a light and bright sanctuary with a color refresh by applying a new coat of paint.  Our gorgeous selection of Benjamin Moore paints will give you the color you want with the long-lasting durability you need, allowing your remodel to stand the test of time. We can assist you in selecting the right color for your space so versatility can work in your favor. 

To accentuate your new room, appoint pops of color throughout by changing out throw pillows, rugs, and seasonal flowers. Switching out your window coverings with airy curtains will welcome that breezy outdoor feel that truly embraces the warmth of spring! 

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Knobs, pulls, hinges, oh my! Talk about a quick upgrade that can bring big changes to any room. With quite a range in a variety of materials, you can easily select pieces that speak to your personal style.  

Whether you are more modern, rustic, traditional or something in between, new hardware is a fun way to show your personality and make an upgrade that likely only requires a tape measure and a screwdriver.  

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For single-hole hardware you wont necessarily need to worry about measurements, as the majority of styles accommodate most drawer fronts. However, if you have a double-hole hardware (like a drawer pull, for example), you will need to take some dimensions to ensure proper fit. For drawer and cabinet fronts, measure the opening between each hole, from center to center. Make note of how many pieces you will need to restyle your room of choice, and come visit our showroom to see, touch, and experience the quality of our expansive hardware selection.  

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Interior Doors 

Swapping out your interior doors will not only solidify your style and overall look of your home, but it will also add value. Choose a look to complement the overall vibe you are looking to achieve, from a traditional paneled door to a smooth, contemporary design and everything in between. 

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If it is a farmhouse look that you are after, reclaimed wood or a barn house style door may be the perfect solution. Best of all, if you have an idea or certain look that you want to achieve, we can help customize pieces for you with your budget and style in mind.  

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