Kitchens are the heart of every home and for good reason. It is also a natural gathering spot and a place to socialize with those closest to you. Designing a kitchen to suit your personality and needs is typically the most important home renovation and a worthwhile investment that increases the value of your home.  I look forward to welcoming you into the process and care that goes into every detail when designing a space. This article highlights some of the key cabinetry details of this dream kitchen.  

I have designed many gorgeous kitchens over the years with styles ranging from traditional to modern and I have pulled from all of them to build this #DreamKitchen. For example, this design won the People’s Choice Award at the Des Moines, IA Home and Garden Show due to the layout, attention to detail, and quality products featured. It is also undoubtedly a work of “heart” where eye catching details are the star of the showall while remaining warm and inviting 

JC Huffman Dream Kitchen Cabinet Details Fairfield Iowa

The Cabinetry

Additionally, our cabinets are designed and built right here in Iowa. The cabinets in this dream kitchen are constructed from hard maple. Thdurable, solid wood was then painted with Sherwin Williams Dover White – a classic, clean and welcoming color palette. We also added a very light coat of Van Dyke brown glaze to add a rustic touch to complete the overall look. This kitchen, like your custom design, will keep surprising you for years to come as you continue to discover all the beautiful nuances that make it custom, unique, and truly a reflection of you. If you look closely at the custom crown molding, you will see this detail carries through as well.  

JC Huffman Dream Kitchen Cabinet Details Fairfield Iowa 2

Cabinetry Details

Layering paints and stains can create beautiful, custom looks. Here are examples of different glazes on white cabinets. Notice the different shades of white? The combinations are truly endless.  Find more Inspiration here. 

Cabinetry Paint with Glaze

Once we have decided upon the structure of your kitchen, know that we pay attention to the details that elevate your experience. Stay tuned for our next post where we delve further into this showstopping design.   

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