Last month I unveiled to you a true work of “heart”, a #DreamKitchen of sorts, where all the very best in kitchen design came together to create one show stopping space. But don’t let looks fool you. While absolutely gorgeous on the outside and custom-crafted from hard maple, the true beauty lies within.

Let’s take a closer look inside the dream kitchen at our favorite inside cabinet lighting and storage solutions. These features are the backbone of this design and bring this kitchen to life.

Modern-Day Pantry

Inside the Dream Kitchen 2

First, this kitchen is an upgrade from the traditional pantry design to one that is made for modern life. It became evident that a pantry tucked away in a corner or separate room was not fully serving the modern-day family. Instead, I have functional and accessible storage throughout the kitchen in spaces that are used the most. These clear bins provide visible storage solutions that allow you to see exactly what you have at a glance.

Inside the Dream Kitchen 3

These removable storage options are sought after for ease of washing and maintenance. This and every design is fully customizable and takes your family size and needs into consideration. If you are an avid baker, perhaps consider keeping your baking ingredients and tools close to the stove and prep area. If you have a penchant for fine wine, we have that too! What speaks to you will come through in my design and will be a main feature for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Deep Drawers

Deep drawers are also a newer trend in kitchen design and for good reason. They allow you to easily access your pots, pans, and heavier kitchen items while providing organization. Overall, they are ergonomic and allow for physical ease of access. Simply put, no need to constantly bend over and endure any physical discomfort. I will design a kitchen that works for you. As a bonus, this extra deep space not only keeps you perfectly organized, it allows ample room to protect your pots and pans. For an at-home chef who values quality cookware, it is worth it to protect them from knicks and scrapes so they last as long as your beautiful kitchen.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Keeping this kitchen light and bright is important to every part of this design. I use this trait in the under cabinet lighting to enhance the charming vibe of the space. Initially, this under-cabinet lighting was installed to accentuate the glass door fronts and highlight cherished and timeless pieces. However, we cannot help but enjoy a secondary benefit. It looks especially dreamy at nighttime and provides a gentle, welcoming glow to your space. Midnight snack, anyone?

Inside the Dream Kitchen 4

As always, a significant amount of time and consideration is in all of the details to make your cabinetry both beautiful and functional – and certainly a reflection of you. Check out our website for more inspo or to see which style you are drawn to.

Next month, I will touch upon some of the additional components outside of the cabinetry that enhances the overall aesthetics and functionality of this space. Layer by layer it is assembled to create this and every #DreamKitchen, always proudly built here in Iowa. If you want a sneak peek inside the dream kitchen, check out our Dream Kitchen board on Pinterest and stay tuned for all of the details!

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