Selecting the right kitchen components is an important design task that requires thoughtfulness and careful planning. I take pride in working with homeowners to successfully merge style and function by designing a kitchen they can be proud of.

In this article, we will explore design features beyond the cabinets as part of my Dream Kitchen Blog series. Read my two previous blogs highlighting the physical design of this award-winning kitchen: cabinetry details and clever storage solutions. 


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Taking time to assess your needs when selecting a countertop is extremely important, as countertops are arguably the most heavily used component of your kitchen. Granite is quite a popular choice in kitchens and for good reason.  

Firstly, granite is durable and family-friendly. If you have little hands that like to help you cook, you do not need to worry about scratching or staining your countertop or even setting a hot pan right on top without a trivet. Granite is engineered to take the heat – so you can get your hands dirty without worrying about doing any harm. It is a non-porous material, perfectly resisting dirt and bacteria.  Grime, spills, and debris will not soak into the countertop making cleanup a breeze.  

Granite uses quartz, micas, and feldspar. The varying amounts of these components determine the pattern, color, and hardness of each type of granite. The granite for this kitchen is Golden Crystal Granite from in Brazil for its beauty and durability.  

This eco-friendly material adds tremendous value to your home and each slab is truly a masterpiece created by nature. Visit our showroom or website for more inspiration and colors to fit the style of your kitchen. 


Dream Kitchen Components 2

You do not need to compromise beauty for function when selecting the floor for your kitchen. I selected a porcelain tile for this kitchen for both its beauty and durability. Porcelain is naturally harder and denser than traditional ceramic tiles. Therefore, this makes it virtually resistant to scratches, stains, fading and breaking. The upkeep may be the very best part – just some soap and water is all that is needed to maintain the luster and shine of this floor. No polishing or waxing is necessary.  For this kitchen, I opted for Villa Medici by Ragno USA. It comes in a variety of different-size tiles, allowing me to customize the design for the space.  

Rolling Ladder

Dream Kitchen Component 3

Adding a rolling ladder allows for easy access to tall shelves that would normally be out of reach and out of use. This ladder is both functional and a conversation piece. With a track securely attached to the cabinetry you will be able to easily access all your items by sliding it from side to side. Because the ladder also remains close to the base of the cabinetry, you do not need to worry about tripping or adding any bulk to your design. The warm tones and solid design fully highlight this expansive kitchen by drawing eyes upward. It is the perfect final touch to make this kitchen fun and functional. 

Selecting the right kitchen components for your design should be thoughtful and complement the overall design and functionality of your space. For more renovation tips, follow us @JCHuffmanCabinetry on Instagram, Houzz or like our Facebook page.  

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