Last month I tackled how selecting kitchen components is an important design task that requires thoughtfulness and careful planning. These components enhance the structure of the kitchen by adding value and beauty. Today, I will dive deeper and share with you few of my favorite kitchen components that makes this space a true standout.

In three of my previous blogs, I highlighted the physical design of this award-winning kitchen, focusing on cabinetry details, clever storage solutions, and kitchen components.

The Kitchen Sink

Dream Kitchen Components and Accessories

Giving thought to selecting the right kitchen sink may not initially jump to the front of the priority list, but I assure you it is worth the time and effort. This feature is one you will rely upon quite heavily and arguably serves as the most used tool in your kitchen. It is for this reason why I selected a Kohler sink for this design. First, the look of a Kohler Smart Divide® sink is timeless and built to last. The design of this sink provides plenty of room to accommodate oversize pots and pans while the low barrier keeps the two basins separate, perfect for washing and rinsing any size item. Whether you are cleaning up after a large family feast or tending to your farmer’s market haul of fresh produce, this sink will offer the versatility needed in a modern-day kitchen without skimping on style.

The generous workspace and divided basin make meal prep a breeze. You can keep the faucet running at a slow trickle to rinse clams, rice, or even use it to thaw a turkey on Thanksgiving. The slight basin slope will let the water drip and drain without pooling – necessary for sanitary food prep.

My favorite aspect, I must admit, is Kohler sinks are made to resist chipping, cracking, and burning. You can be confident that this is a sink that can be heavily used and will last. It is also stain resistant – simply clean with soap and water and be on with your day. No harsh chemicals or scrubbing required here.

Personal Wine Cellar

Personal Wine Cellar and Beverage Refrigerator

Wine connoisseurs will tell you that the best place to store wine is in an underground cave. Since caves do not have any risk of vibrations (outside of an earthquake, that is!) it is the desired location because is naturally is the perfect spot for wine’s ideal temperature, humidity, darkness, and stability (vibration control).

These four factors arguably are the most important when storing and preserving wine. Luckily, you don’t need a cave in order to check all of the boxes when it comes to caring for your wine. Marvel’s unique design is perfect for someone looking for optimum wine preservation and storage. Their refrigerators have dynamic cooling technology which delivers rapid chilling and offers precise temperature stability for your reds, whites, and everything in between. Their Vibration Neutralization System™ protects wine from agitation, allowing it to come to full maturation and will not negatively impact the tannins in wine. Agitated tannins adversely affect both the flavor and composition of wine so stability is extremely important in the preservation and retention of the flavor profile.

Sunlight and exposure to excess humidity (or lack thereof) will also negatively impact wine. For this reason, you will see that wine is bottled in dark tinted glass to help filter out damaging UV light. The front door of this Marvel refrigerator is an Argon-filled, UV-resistant tinted dual pane glass door which further protects contents from damaging ultraviolet light. Marvel’s refrigerators are built to last, offering industrial durability with flawless elegance that will complement any kitchen design and is my choice when it comes to quality and craftsmanship time and time again.  

And just for fun, if you love learning more about wine, check out these podcast recommendations. It is a fun way to learn a little about wine while getting stuff done around the house or office!


Kitchen Sink Faucet and Other Accessories for Functionality

Like peanut butter and jelly, the right faucet paired with the right sink is a match made in heaven. For this design I opted for a Grohe K7. It is designed with input from professional chefs and made to fit the needs of both seasoned and novice cooks. This faucet is engineered to withstand heavy use and still be aesthetically gorgeous. One of my favorite features is the ability to switch back and forth between regular water flow and spray without having to turn off the water. In fact, the professional sprayer can be pulled out, turned and swiveled 360°, and operated with one hand. It is the ultimate time saver and powerhouse in the kitchen.

Personalizing your kitchen by selecting the right kitchen components is a fun way to reflect your style while also meeting a need. As with all my designs, your interests and desires are at the forefront of my planning, and executing the perfect design together makes dream spaces a reality.   

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