It can be said with certainty that travel is rejuvenating and seriously good for our souls. Whether you are an adventure seeker or prefer more of a laid-back vacation, unplugging and getting away for a little does wonders for our mental health and wellness. But, life happens and sometimes it is simply impossible to get away. So how does one recharge when sneaking away just is not an option?

I started to reflect on this very idea after I happened upon this quote:

“Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.”

– Hazrat Inayat Khan

It makes sense that this quote would sit with me as it encompasses the essence of what I do – design highly personalized spaces I create spaces that rival a lavish getaway without having to get away.

For me, I believe in creating a space within your home that allows you to disconnect and provides an escape from the pressures of life. One of my very favorite spaces to design is a master bath retreat– a bathroom staycation. This is entirely customizable to your vision and doable whether you are designing from the ground up or embarking on a remodel. So, why need to look for a beautiful place when you have one waiting for you right around the corner?

The Master Bath

Master Bathroom Staycation Design by JC Huffman Cabinetry

The focal point in the Bathroom Staycation is this luxurious soaking tub is perfect for indulging your senses and letting stress melt away. Encapsulated by three large windows, the natural light shines through and welcomes the outdoors inside. Adding lush potted plants or lavender for added aromatherapy further embraces the best nature has to offer.

As the star of the show, this soaker has it all. Its depth is perfect for immersing your entire body in soothing warm water or relaxing bubble bath. The faucet and shower wand duo allow you to wash your hair without having to immerse it in soaking water. It is a small detail usually overlooked, but every homeowner is always grateful for the feature in hindsight. As a bonus, the wand also comes in handy when cleaning and rinsing, making it a no fuss chore.

The Garden Gate

Garden Gate Shower Door for a Master Bathroom Staycation in Fairfield, Iowa

Continuing on the idea of embracing the outdoors, the shower door in this Bathroom Staycation is anything but plain. In fact, it reminds me of a gorgeous garden gate and further intrigues the senses. Having a shower separate from the tub is an excellent idea and allows you to still indulge even when you don’t have the time for a full soaking session. It adds convenience without sacrificing luxury.

Up the opulence by opting for heated floors throughout your space. This small indulgence is a lovely addition to your design and makes quick morning showers as welcoming as a long end of the day soak. And come wintertime, you’ll be extra grateful for this feature, I promise!

Double Vanities

Double Vanities for a Master Bathroom Design by JC Huffman

The fun is always in the details and personalization. Notice the double vanity, but not as you would normally see it. Separating these areas truly creates for a customized his and her space and balances this room aesthetically. Gone are the days of cluttered counters and messy cabinets – with a dedicated space for each of you, you’ll find there is plenty of room to spare for all of your necessities.

Indulge a Little

Bathroom Designed for Relaxation by JC Huffman Cabinetry

Go ahead and indulge a little…or a lot! Small touches not only complement your design but keep it functional. Opting for a bath tray across your tub allows you to keep a tasty treat and beverage close at hand (may I suggest wine and chocolate!) as well as a book and your bath products. Play your favorite relaxing melodies with a built-in sound system, or if you want something a little less permanent, try a Bluetooth speaker hidden in your lightbulbs.

Creating a Bathroom Staycation right in your home is perfect for when you want to get away from it all but simply cannot sneak away. Sometimes we must unplug to recharge and having that option right down the hall makes the ultimate staycation whenever relaxation calls your name.

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