Have you been thinking about stepping into the world of do it yourself home improvement projects but don’t know where to start? JC Huffman has your back! Check out this ultimate DIY guide that provides all of the tips and tricks you’ll need to embark on your next project.

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Do It Yourself Project Inspiration

The first thing you’ll need is an idea for your project. First, identify an area in your home that could use some sprucing up. (Just one for now! The last thing you want is a collection of half-finished DIY projects). Then, browse ideas on how to transform that space. Check out home improvement magazines, websites like Houzz, and social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram for endless do it yourself inspiration.


How to hang a shelf for beginners and do it yourself

Research Necessary Skills

Before jumping headfirst into a do it yourself project, take the time to research what skills you’ll be using and how to do them. A quick Google search will reveal a vast source of video tutorials that will walk you step-by-step through each process. There’s also a ton of DIY blogs that share how people completed their own projects (along with the mistakes they made so you can avoid your own). Doing this research beforehand will help you avoid costly mistakes and overall make the project much more enjoyable.


Research Necessary Skills

Plan Your Do It Yourself Project

The secret to a successful and stress-free DIY project is a well-thought-out plan. Start with a clear vision of what you want the final result to look like. Next, create a list of all the materials needed, including tools. Make sure the list is comprehensive so you get an accurate idea of the budget and avoid multiple trips to the store. Finally, outline all of the steps you’ll take throughout the project. This step-by-step guide will keep the project running smoothly and help you set a realistic timeline for when the project will be completed.


Plan Your Do It Yourself Project

Beginner Friendly Do It Yourself Projects

If this is your first DIY project, it’s a good idea to start small and work your way up. Painting, installing shelves, updating cabinet hardware, and hanging pictures or hooks are great starter projects that will make a big impact. And as you work your way through these beginner do it yourself projects, you’ll become comfortable with a variety of tools and skills that will make you feel confident when it comes time to tackle a larger project.


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Know Your Limits!

Do it yourself projects are a great way to revamp and personalize your home. But the truth is—even for experienced DIYers—some massive projects like full kitchen and bathroom renovations are best left to professionals. Please contact one of our design experts or visit our showroom to learn how JC Huffman can bring your next project to life!