When planning a kitchen renovation, it can be difficult to know where the best places are to invest your money. You want to make sure the upgrades work for your family now, but also hopefully pay dividends if you sell the home in the future. The good news? There’s a solid chance that your renovation wish list aligns with a large swath of other homeowners. One Poll in conjunction with Anderson Windows recently surveyed 2,000 homeowners to learn what their renovation wishes are. Here are the top three:


Kitchen Renovation Wish #1 – Better Organization & Functionality

According to the survey, 34% of homeowners ranked better organization and functionality as a top priority. Increased organization and functionality does not simply mean more cabinet space for storage, as that can easily turn into a mess if you’re not careful. Instead, homeowners want organization solutions like pull out drawers, dividers, and inserts. Pantry solutions can also play a key role in improving organization in your kitchen. In addition, consider whether your current kitchen layout is functional in terms of traffic flow and where things are located. If the answer is “no,” these issues should definitely be addressed during your kitchen renovation.


gray paint kitchen-cabinets white walls open floor plan

Kitchen Renovation Wish #2 – More Open Space

Homeowners’ second wish, with 31% of respondents seeking this feature, was more open space. The result is unsurprising, as homeowners have increasingly sought to transform the kitchen into more of a communal space over the last several years. Whether your kitchen renovation creates a completely open concept layout—uniting the living, dining, and kitchen areas—or simply creates a separate area in the kitchen where people can gather while others cook, transforming the kitchen into a comfortable work and living space is one of the smartest investments you can make during a renovation.


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Kitchen Renovation Wish #3 – More Natural Light

A close third, 30% of homeowners want more natural light in their kitchens. Natural light tends to create a more inviting ambiance than artificial light and has the power to completely transform a space. While it will make the kitchen feel larger all by itself, couple it with kitchen renovation wish #2 – more open space and its impact will double. Consider incorporating a wall of windows over the kitchen counter or in a dining nook to let in that coveted natural light and the view outside. French doors also let in a good amount of light and can help create that sought-after open space if they lead to a patio.


What Are Your Kitchen Renovation Wishes?

If any of these wishes are on your list, prioritizing them in your kitchen renovation may help lead to a good return on your investment. Whether you’re wishing for these or other kitchen design elements, JC Huffman would love to hear what you have in mind and discuss how we can bring it to life. Contact one of our design experts to get started today!


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