Tired of having a messy kitchen? Get a jump start on your spring cleaning with these clever storage ideas that will maximize Fairfield kitchen organization!


Kitchen Organization and Storage Ideas

Spice Organization

Say goodbye to rummaging through the dark abyss of your spice cabinet with these two clever storage ideas. Option one is a drawer insert that allows you to neatly stack all of your spice jars. This solution works best if all of your jars are similar in size and shape. If they’re more irregular, consider option two—a pull out spice rack. This solution is a narrow rack that extends from the cabinet so you can clearly see the jars on both sides and in the back. No matter which option you select, the key is that both allow you to easily view all of your spices, eliminating the ability of that elusive parsley to hide.



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Baking Organization

If you love to bake, a well-organized baking station is a must. Otherwise, getting all of the supplies out and then putting them away is just too much of a hassle. But how can you neatly store those clunky items?!


For starters, I recommend pull out drawers for all of your bowls, tins, and trays. This design allows access to items stored in the back without having to unload half of the shelf and makes grabbing a stacked mixing bowl much easier. Pull out drawers also work great with small items. For example, a shallow pull out drawer is the perfect way to store cupcake and cookie sheets; the small space keeps them neat and tidy whereas a larger space would result in a messy stack. While we’re on the subject of pull out drawers, installing a stand mixer lift will keep your counter nice and clean with no heavy lifting.



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Pantry Organization

The biggest game changer for pantry organization is having everything at the touch of your fingertips. For example, consider storing boxed items like broth, rice, and instant potatoes in a divided drawer underneath the stovetop. Another top tip? Customize the pantry to your specific needs. Take stock of what you want to regularly store there and design the pantry around those items. Whether its shelf height and depth, organization inserts, or pull out racks, the pantry can be customized to meet any organization needs.


Fairfield Kitchen Organization with JC Huffman

Let JC Huffman help with your spring cleaning! We proudly offer all of these clever storage ideas to help maximize Fairfield kitchen organization. Please contact one of our design experts to get started.